Question of the Day!

How we use exercise science to design your workouts - even if you do not realize it.

If you have ever seen some of the new and trendy indoor cycling classes that use upper body weights or do pushups on the bike and wonder, 'why don't we do that at Evolution?'
read on:

The article below references a study that looked at oxygen uptake (and therefore caloric expenditure) for cycling alone & cycling + arm ergometry. Here's what they found (emphasis added):

"Adding the arms to the exercise *MADE THE EXERCISE FEEL HARDER* due to increase in upper body muscle mass, but the *ACTUAL OXYGEN CONSUMPTION* for a given heart rate was *LESS THAN THE LEGS ONLY WORK*... For a given heart rate, there is a higher oxygen consumption during cycle ergometry, than for arm or combined arm and cycle ergometry."

In other words, adding in "arm work" to cycling classes might make them feel harder, but actually results in burning fewer calories than cycling alone. Add to that the risk of injury from doing them on a perch and the suboptimal exertion that occurs because of that and it becomes clear that the latest 'trend' is just smoke and mirrors. So now you know!