5 more days!




We have our Certificate of Occupancy, the countdown is on! Come in for a free ride on Saturday December 1st! Sign up online at www.evolutionbycycle.com! EVERYONE Is welcome, no matter your fitness level! YOU control your ride!




We really appreciate all the emails, people stopping by and phone calls! I can't begin to tell you how excited we are! We have been very fortunate thus far. From a casual conversation to a GRAND OPENING in less than 6 months! Wow! Yes, we passed all of our township inspections and are waiting on the final Certificate of Occupancy! We are preparing to open SUNDAY December 1st, so check out our website for additional information. The december class schedule is NOW POSTED but keep in mind that it is subject to change. As we get continue to get your feedback, classes will be added or altered to fit YOUR needs! So email us with any requests, questions, or concerns. We just need to take care of some instructor paperwork before they are posted to the class schedule. But let me tell you, we have some dynamic instructors ready to make you sweat! Lastly, class pricing, as well as package pricing is listed on the website under BUY RIDES! By the way, YES, family members can SHARE RIDE PACKAGES. Keep in mind each individual must sign a waiver form to participate. 


I hope I have addressed many of your questions. As I said your inquiries have been overwhelming! Thanks and please continue to provide us with your feedback. We cannot wait to take this RIDE with you!


See you soon, 

Evolution ByCycle